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The setting of Hillfolk is loosely based on the southern Levant of the Iron Age (aprox 1000 BCE) as it can best be reconstructed by current historical and archaeological evidence. This does not mean that the setting has to maintain any sort of historical fidelity, and it already has some anachronism built in. This includes the presence of a remnant culture that probably was no longer around in reality, and gender equality.

Other anachronisms will appear as the players define the setting through play, with the following boundaries:

  • No fantastic magic or creatures (although there can be rumors of such, there can be no proof)
  • No post-Iron Age technology
  • No elements from other genres (time travelers, superheroes, etc.)

If you are interested in how the Hillfolk setting corresponds to the historical setting it’s based on, you can check out the Cultural Analogs.

Main Page

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